November 8, 2020

Why is Consistency So Important for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Every business needs to build a strong brand presence. It’s the cornerstone of long-term success. But a brand doesn’t only refer to the colors you use or your company logo. It also includes the personality of your business, such as how you interact with customers or your company’s tone of voice. This is no different for healthcare practices—in fact, consistency of brand is more important in the healthcare industry than any other. Patients want healthcare providers that are consistently compassionate, transparent, and thorough in their services. For this reason, it’s imperative that your marketing campaigns also consistently reflect this approach. This is why we’re offering you some top tips on why consistency is so important and how you can ensure you take a consistent approach in your marketing campaign.

Keep content output consistent

Publishing content on a regular schedule keeps patients at your healthcare practice engaged without confusing or boring them. Find a schedule that’s good for you. This may be offering a weekly blog, a monthly newsletter, or a quarterly white paper—or a combination of these content types. Using tools such as Google Analytics and HubSpot, you can monitor when engagement is highest and then optimize a schedule that works best for you and your business. Consistently engaging with current patients while offering prospective patients engaging content creates a better client experience that will drive business in the long-term.

Engaging and learning

Engaging with patients is an ideal way to learn exactly what they want from your business. Whether you provide regular polls on social media, engage in the comments sections of posts, or send out quarterly feedback forms, there’s no better way to find out how you can adapt your services to best suit your customers. Consistently asking them how you can improve should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. Only then can you earn their trust and retain their custom. 

Consistently add value

People’s time is valuable to them, so content that doesn’t add value won’t help you and could harm your overall marketing campaign. Even a few poor content pieces could stop patients or potential patients from following your content. This can effectively cut them off from finding out about your great services, experiencing your business’s persona, and also diminish your chance of learning from them. Once customers have chosen not to follow your marketing content, it’s extremely difficult to get them interested again. Don’t give anyone an excuse not to follow your content! Ensure that you consistently provide engaging, thoughtful, and relevant content every time.

Whether you’re looking to get more new patients through your doors, retain current patients, or drive engagement to learn what your patients want, consistency is the key. Once you have established the quality of content output you want to achieve, ensure you develop a schedule that fits the requirements of your patients or potential patients. Some market research using tools like Google Analytics or HubSpot can help you do this. If you’re looking for experts to create a successful marketing campaign for your healthcare practice, look no further than Curis Digital. Our digital marketing experts will create a high-quality, consistent marketing campaign that delivers results.