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Online Marketing Trends: Instagram Stories

In a very short time span, social media has changed the landscape of marketing. One click and you can find nearly every product or service imaginable. By 2025, estimates place social

How to Improve your Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

The whole idea behind Public Relations (PR) is to connect with your target audience. You want to build and maintain a professional, positive public image for your business. Effective and engaging

Branding Essentials: Develop Compelling Written & Verbal Messages

In terms of promotion both on and off the internet, Branding is the buzzword coming into the forefront every day. If you’ve never had a “brand” but want to develop one,

10 Ways to Get More Traffic by Link Building

When you’re reading about successful websites, you’ll inevitably come across notes about link building. At Curis Digital, link building is one of the primary practices we utilize to increase your Google

Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media the Right Way

If you are trying to build your personal brand on social media or are searching for different strategies for self-branding, we have 3 techniques to use to assist you in strengthening

Boost Your Video Engagement on Social Media

Have you been posting videos to your social media with little or no response?  If so, don’t panic. There are several easy ways to boost your social media views to better

Why SEO is Important for Your Business

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is essential to every type of business regardless of its unique niche and size. Whether you own a local Philadelphia hair salon, an Allentown HVAC

Mastering the Delicate Art of Hashtag Frequency

Hashtags are quite the delicate component of inbound marketing. If you use an excess of hashtags in your online content, you will inundate your audience with information that might annoy them

6 Practical Tips for Social Media Success in 2021

Healthcare providers have increasingly used social media to engage with their customers over the past few years. Social media in healthcare has now become a staple part of marketing for healthcare

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Print Marketing: Why digital is the way forward

Digital marketing is the new way for businesses to tell their customers how they can help them, and in turn, also sell their products. With online technology developing at an incredible

5 Ways the Global Pandemic Changed Digital Marketing in Healthcare

The end of the global pandemic is in sight. As borders begin to reopen and people return to the office, we can wonder whether life will ever go back to how

6 Easy E-Commerce Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Businesses

The healthcare industry is a highly competitive industry when it comes to marketing products and services. This has been increased massively in the age of the internet, as many healthcare businesses

The Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions for 2021

When it comes to digital marketing, there are various ways you can make your work more efficient. There are some neat tricks out there to help you with digital marketing using

Optimizing Your Website to Increase Traffic and Drive Engagement

When it comes to digital marketing in the healthcare industry, there’s lots of talk about driving SEO from blog posts, social media engagement, and running successful campaigns. While all of these