Healthcare Practice Branding

The importance of a unique and memorable brand

You never started your practice to be ordinary, right?

The brand is the face of your Practice. Building a strong brand however, is NOT about your logo but what someone feels and thinks about when they see your logo. It’s about what you stand for! Brands are about perceptions.

If you’re not sure about what your brand should be, how should prospective patients know?

If you need help, we’ll define it with you! We’ll assist and architect what that first impression should be!

Branding lets people know what type of provider you are and what your culture and persona are as a healthcare practice. Finally, how their life can and will change with your help.

Positioning your practice as a leader in your space is a critical marketing endeavor that requires strategic planning and a deep understanding of your geographic and competitive environment.


Check out our proprietary branding process. Take advantage of building a strong foundation that brings in more patients and grows your profitability

With Curis Digital the process is you! It can’t work without a collaboration of input and honesty about who you are, how you’re perceived and what you aspire to be moving forward.

An inadequate planning process, mis-directed brand identity and an irrelevant key message approach can ruin your chances for any type of success in a mass market campaign. Don’t let that happen!

The 5-Step Curis|180

Process involves:

Due Diligence Research

Strategy Brand Session

Findings and Summary Discussion

Marketing Recommendations

Implementation Analysis and Feedback

Work Smarter. Drive More Profit. Simple.

We begin with this focus for all of our clients It’s not a wishful thought but a choreographed business strategy we live by each day. Sound lofty? Perhaps to others! Why use a Digital Marketing company if you aren’t expecting big results?

Discover how Curis Digital helps practices just like you get engaged, grow, build stronger connections to your marketplace and be chosen.