May 13, 2021

The Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions for 2021

When it comes to digital marketing, there are various ways you can make your work more efficient. There are some neat tricks out there to help you with digital marketing using Chrome extensions—many of which are free. In this blog post, we’ll run through our top 10 best chrome extensions for 2021, so you can take advantage of these great additions to your digital marketing war chest!

What are Chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions are software add-ons that allow you to perform different functionalities in your Google Chrome browser. There are thousands out there—some of which are made by the largest tech companies and others that are made by independent developers. By modifying your browser, you can do more things while performing online tasks.

Our top 10 best Chrome extensions

1.Hashtest — This free Chrome extension allows you to find the best hashtags for your social media posts to be given the greatest exposure. If you use a very common hashtag, it’s likely your post will get lost, but if you use an obscure one, it’s likely you won’t have much exposure at all. Hashtest finds the perfect middle ground.

2. — One of the biggest parts of marketing is securing new leads but tracking down gatekeeper business staff can be time-consuming. enables you to find the email addresses of anyone you want. With a function that allows you to export your leads to your CRM, it’s very efficient and easy to use. It also comes with free and paid-for versions. 

3.Grammarly — Content writing is a massive part of any marketing strategy, but even the best writers make mistakes. Grammarly is more than just a spellcheck tool—it is a useful grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocab enhancement tool. It can also do plagiarism checks to make sure you’re not getting into legal trouble. Grammarly also works across all major in-browser platforms and comes with both free and paid-for versions.

4. elink — This is an organizer’s dream. elink allows you to bookmark pages, make notes on them, and store all your favorite information in one easy-to-access place. You can also use elink to create social bio links on Instagram, quickly and easily embed videos, and create content for your websites and blogs. It’s the one-stop tool for anyone serious about digital marketing.

5. Drag — With remote working now becoming the norm, we need more ways to easily collaborate online. That’s where Drag comes in. Drag allows you to use your Gmail account as a shared inbox, enabling you to use it as a CRM or marketing platform to help manage multiple projects across your team. With a free version and a paid-for version at only $8 per month, it’s an affordable alternative to other CRMs out there.

6. StayFocused — Do you ever find yourself flicking between work and cat videos on Facebook? Or religiously checking your Instagram throughout the day? Regularly checking social media not only eats into work time but also reduces your concentration and quality of work. StayFocused tackles this by blocking websites that you just can’t stay away from. If you need help focusing on work, this is the extension for you!

7. LastPass — Sick of forgetting passwords and needing to reenter your data every time you need to log in? Well, LastPass is the answer. LastPass allows you to store all your passwords in one safe place and automatically enters them into websites that you regularly use. It’s the safe and secure way to make using multiple accounts a breeze.

8. Zest — Zest breaks down your new tab into an easy-to-view curated feed, allowing you to identify trends and top stories without clicking through a whole multitude of web pages. Zest is ideal for marketing experts who want to keep up with current trends.

9. Mozbar — With SEO being such an important part of modern digital marketing, Mozbar is a tool that every digital marketer should have. It enables you to evaluate and analyze the domain authority, age authority, backlinks, linking domains, and keywords for any webpage or SERP. With a paid version that allows many more tools, this is an easy-to-use SEO Chrome extension at your disposal.

10. Check My Links — Last but not least is Check My Links. This simple extension ensures you have a good SEO score by checking that all links on a page are kept up to date and identifies any broken links. This is a real-time saver and will help you build a stronger online presence. 

With so many great Chrome extensions out there, there’s no stopping you from being a great digital marketer. Here at Curis Digital, we understand the need for great digital marketing tools to get the best results, which is why we practice what we preach by also using many of the tools listed in this blog post!