March 15, 2023

The Role of AI Chatbots in Digital Marketing

Imagine that you had a marketing specialist who was always on call, able to answer a potential customer’s questions any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. What if you had front-line marketing representatives who could answer the initial questions that new visitors to your website always have about your services, freeing up your marketing team to follow up on qualified leads? These are the things that chatbots do for companies (including here at Curis Digital), but that’s just the beginning. Let’s look at the ways AI chatbots can enhance your digital marketing strategies.

What Is an AI Chatbot?

An AI chatbot is a unique kind of program designed to take input (user questions), search a database of information (your website and other back-end files you give your chatbot access to), and provide a response that matches the input provided. They allow you to have a presence on your website that helps guide potential customers to find information and engage in your site in the ways you want them to (choosing products to purchase, providing information for you to contact them, etc.). 

AI Chatbot

How Chatbots Benefit Your Digital Marketing

From the description above, you probably already see the benefits of a chatbot for digital marketing, so let’s discuss these advantages. AI chatbots allow you to,

  • Engage and qualify leads. Through pre-programmed questions, chatbots can collect information like email address, company size, and industry that helps you segment visitors and determine your next steps in contacting them. 
  • Upsell users on your site. As a user engages with your site to make purchases or take advantage of free trials or content, chatbots can check in with them to determine what additional interests and needs they may have. They can remind users when a free trial is nearing its end. They can also point users to the paid content that continues what they studied or enjoyed with the free content you offered them. They can also help users customize their orders and recommend add-ons to improve their user experience and customer satisfaction later. 
  • Bring high-intent leads directly to your marketing team. Chatbots can use other data-enrichment tools on your site to monitor user behavior. They can prompt users who spend time on your contact page or pricing and services pages to not just contact you, but provide available times for contact, helping your marketing team reach the customers ready to engage when they’ll be available (rather than your team having to play phone tag or risking interrupting other important tasks with phone calls). 

How Curis Digital Use Chatbots

At Curis Digital, our chatbot pops up to welcome visitors and invite them to schedule a complimentary meeting with one of our specialists. Our contact us page invites people who are interested, but not yet ready to schedule a meeting, to provide us with the basic information that helps us reach out to them with more about our services. We wanted our chatbot to bring potential clients into that next step. If you give our chatbot your email address, you’re not just wanting information. You’re actively interviewing digital marketing companies to see who can bring your vision to life. 


We made this decision with our chatbot based on how we want new visitors, repeat visitors, and prospective clients to interact with our site. Everything from how we organize details of our services, to what information we ask for on our contact us page, to the directness of our chatbot is designed to help you move through the marketing funnel from first contact to handshake and contract. 

We apply the same kinds of examination to our clients as we help them set up chatbots for their sites. We consider your marketing goals, how you want to engage with leads and potential clients, and how you want your digital presence to inform and guide consumers. Just as you tailor your services to meet your client’s needs, we tailor how chatbots work to meet your business needs.

Are You Ready to Bring AI Chatbots into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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