May 25, 2024

The Evolution of Healthcare Marketing: Trends and Strategies for Success

This year has seen exciting innovations in healthcare marketing, with agencies seeing new tools and updated strategies. We recently launched our new CRM system, Pipeline AMP, designed to take advantage of these trends and launch our clients ahead of the pack. Let’s look at the top strategies for healthcare marketing and how Pipeline AMP puts them to work for you. 

The Three-Tiered Funnel

As your healthcare marketing agency, our focus is bringing leads into the sales funnel and helping you convert them into clients. Pipeline AMP brings the sales funnel into three tiers:

  • Capture – using a variety of platforms and tools to attract leads, including social media, ads, landing pages, and more. 
  • Nurture – automated tools to help you connect with leads so that you can build interest and educate them about your brand. 
  • Close-integrated tools to help make the transition from interest to action easy, and analytics to help track your success and plan for the future. 


Trends to Help You Capture Leads

While we’ve seen brilliant tools over the past few years, as a healthcare marketing agency, we find that three stand out and ensure success: multi-channel marketing, local SEO, and responsive and intelligent chatbots. 

  • Multi-channel marketing provides healthcare agencies with more opportunities to reach leads where they are. These channels include email, social media, search engine ads, print media, and industry partnerships and referrals. 
  • Local SEO helps the people who need you most, people in your community, find you. This is especially important, and more and more people utilize mobile devices for their searches. By showing up locally with a solid social media presence, optimized website, and complete business profile, you build instant trust with consumers. 
  • Chatbots have proven an excellent way to bring leads into your sales funnel from your website. Training these AI programs on your specific information and expertise, these chatbots are able to quickly answer questions and direct consumers to complete the call to action you most desire – to contact you and learn more. 


The Evolution of Healthcare Marketing: Trends and Strategies for Success

Trends to Help You Nurture Leads

Once you have secured a lead, building a relationship and moving them down the funnel towards closing is important. Trends that we have seen demonstrably make this easier and more successful include, 

  • Personalization through AI tools
  • Video and print content focused on topics important to consumers, such as Medicaid/Medicare services and mental health awareness.
  • Engaging, patient-focused, and mobile-responsive websites with concise information and clear calls to action


Trends to Help You Close

Bringing a lead into the closing tier of your sales funnel requires more than just your services. You have to stand out above the competition. Two of the most important trends we have witnessed to help healthcare agencies rise above include, 

  • Strong HIPAA compliance that goes above and beyond to protect patient information with updated security.
  • A focus on telehealth options to help more patients reach your services when their schedules prohibit in-office visits.


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