April 15, 2023

The Power of Personalization in Digital Marketing

There’s a common personal touch in business – using the customer’s name. This simple act of personalization does a lot for customer retention. Unfortunately, a lot of companies fail to include this in their digital marketing, to their detriment. So, let’s look at what the power of personalization looks like in digital marketing and what it can do for your brand. 

What Is Personalization

Personalization is exactly what it sounds like. It’s where you make an effort to target marketing to individuals in your direct marketing rather than just relying on broad lists. Personalization includes using people’s names when you market to them, but it covers so much more. It also includes birthday and anniversary marketing, abandoned cart follow-up, and any other marketing efforts in response to customer actions and information. 

Why Personalization Matters

People want personalization in their advertising. No one wants to feel like they’re just part of a marketing list. When people sign up for mailing lists and marketing materials, they want to know that they’ll receive information relevant to their interests. 

Personalization can also strengthen your relationship with your customers. Birthday offers show consideration and personal recognition. Meanwhile, celebrating a customer relationship anniversary shows appreciation. Personalizing landing pages on your website helps to remind your customers of what they like about your brand and save them time when taking advantage of repeat services. 

Building Personalized Websites

What Personalization Requires

Now that you know what personalization can do for you, let’s look at what you need to do it effectively. As you can guess from the discussion of why customers like personalization, it’s about more than just having a name. You need data. 

Specifically, you need the kind of data that correlates a customer’s demographics with your services. For example, if you’re a clothing brand that offers selections for men and women, gender is an important thing to know. On the other hand, if you offer services that are largely gender-neutral, knowing your customer’s gender is less important to how you’ll market to them. In both cases, however, you will want data that includes what links and products they pay attention to or how often they abandon their shopping carts (and what items are inside).

Bringing It Together

What personalization involves will vary based on your business and your customers and target audiences. However, one common thread can be found in all personalized marketing campaigns: they make marketing feel one-on-one. With that in mind, personalization can look a few different ways. 

  • It includes targeted follow-up marketing based on recent services or website engagement.
  • It includes personal information about the client, such as marketing items that match interests they indicated on a sign-up form or a free offer they took advantage of to get on your lists. 
  • It involves personalized landing pages that utilize the account management software of your website. 

Bringing It Together

Are You Considering a More Powerful Personalized Marketing Approach?

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