June 8, 2023

Humanizing Your Brand: Strategies for Creating a Personal Connection in a Digital World

As humans, we are like other humans. That extends to how we interact with businesses and technology. We tend to like what we can relate to in some way. As we get caught up in metrics and data, however, it can be easy to forget the human touch that makes a brand resonate with consumers. So, let’s look at ways you can pull back and humanize your brand and improve your personal connections.

Show Off Your Staff

You have human staff, whether you’re a one-person show or a large corporation. Showcase them. Rather than using stock pictures of people, get photos of your employees doing their work and engaging with the public. The more candid the photos, the better. Images should look and feel authentic and natural. 

Encourage Employees to be Brand Promoters

Don’t just show off your stuff in photos and videos. Encourage your staff to advertise their employment and discuss the industry and their experiences with your company. This kind of brand ambassadorship works well on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. However, be sure to establish posting guidelines. 

Hire a Social/Community Manager (or Team)

Strategies for Creating a Personal Connection in a Digital World

Bring your social media marketing in-house and hire a social media manager. Having someone in your company dedicated to this work ensures they’re both an expert in social media and your brand and industry. Some responsibilities of a social media manager in your company can include,

  • Running local events
  • Creating an online community
  • Utilizing user-generated content (sharing blogs and other related posts)

Personalize Your Automated Marketing

Use a personalization tool in your automated marketing to address consumers by name. It’s a small thing, but people are more likely to respond to automated emails when they’re personalized. Even when we know it’s a mass mailing, seeing our name indicates effort and humanity. 

Send Swag and Welcome and Appreciation Letters to New & Loyal Customers

People like getting free things. Provide free items such as physical samples or downloadable items that allow consumers to sample your products and services. This is good for attracting new customers. Gifts are also good for loyal customers. Send them a free-gift coupon for their birthday or anniversary joining your mailing list. 

Write with Personality

Bring your personality into your writing. This demonstrates that a person is behind your content. Some simple things you can do to insert characters include, 

  • Using informal writing styles in social media and blog posts
  • Adding a little humor
  • Using colloquialisms that will be familiar to a regional audience

Are you prepared to take your Digital Marketing to new heights through Personal Connection?

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