June 20, 2022

Top 5 Innovative Recruitment Marketing Strategies for Healthcare

The face of healthcare recruitment is changing because of the shifts in the industry. Hospitals and other health-oriented organizations want a strong talent pool to select the perfect matches. That can be challenging when there is a shortage of healthcare workers, meaning everyone in the market is competing for the same professionals. We, at Curis Digital, are experts in healthcare marketing. There are several variables in finding both active and passive candidates. Here are a few Innovative Recruitment Marketing Strategies for Healthcare. 

Give your Brand a Face Lift

Branding needs to adjust to social shifts. It’s not something achieved by a fancy logo. Your online messaging is a large part of what attracts candidates. They see something in your culture that’s exciting and passionate. 

An effective brand must work across all platforms, and find representation everywhere from your website to your office. It must be consistent. You cant candidates to see your core values and focus wherever they look. 

Refresh your Job Listings

You know that old template? Toss it out. While you certainly can post jobs quickly this way, after a while it’s stale. Your job descriptions should target the person(s) you hope to hire. Be specific. What certifications do you require and how much experience. By making sure your job listing is explicit with expectations you can save yourself a lot of time. 

The details help potential candidates know if they’re suitable based on the requirements. You can add another level to this foundation, a request of the candidate at the very end of the job description. For example, “in your cover letter please mention your favorite color in the first sentence so we know you read this whole listing.” Sounds silly, but guess what? If you open a cover letter and the request went unanswered you already know something about this candidate that makes them iffy.

Recruiter Interviewing Candidate

Recruiter Interviewing Candidate

Culture & Creativity

A company’s culture ties into its reputation. Burnout is a leading cause for nurses to leave the medical industry. Your culture should show how you help your staff maintain a healthy work-home balance. Caring for your staff is a HUGE selling point.  Provide viable examples in the interview. When a candidate sees a company’s supportive culture, it can be the key factor in them choosing you. 

Diversify your Listings

Don’t use just one spot for your listing. You’ll need several from the old-fashioned newspaper to modern social media platforms. Use job boards, email previous applicants, and don’t forget to keep your company’s “career page” up to date. It should include compelling recruitment information including benefits (401K, signing bonus, PTO, etc.). Always keep messaging clear and concise. Short sentences and bullet points are your friend. 

Include a Call to Action

No matter where you place your job listing, there should always be a call to action. This lets candidates know the next steps for easy, forward movement. It should be a short message using active verbs. Buttons and links are a BIG yes. 

Curis Digital: Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

Not all companies have the time to devote to work on their talent pipeline. Hiring can be challenging. However, with Curis Digital you’ll be able to reduce your hiring time significantly. We can streamline the process so you don’t have to. If you’re interested in learning more, you can use our online contact form. Alternatively, you can call either of our offices:

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