April 13, 2021

Optimizing Your Website to Increase Traffic and Drive Engagement

When it comes to digital marketing in the healthcare industry, there’s lots of talk about driving SEO from blog posts, social media engagement, and running successful campaigns. While all of these areas are important, they don’t make much of a difference if your website isn’t optimized to increase traffic and drive engagement. In this blog post, we’ll offer you some top tips on how to optimize and maintain your website to convert and retain potential new customers. 

1. Ensure suitable website speed

In a world where high-speed internet is the norm, most potential customers have very short attention spans and very little patience for slow, clunky websites. While temporarily slow speeds due to network issues might be out of your control, there are many things you can do to ensure your website runs fast. Firstly, you should choose a proven and trusted web hosting provider that will ensure there is a fast and secure connection to the server, reducing loading times. Secondly, you should always ensure there are no components that slow down your website’s loading time such as unnecessary videos or graphics. There are ways to embed videos into websites that ensure they run smoothly and don’t significantly reduce loading speed. Thirdly, you should always test your website’s speed using tools such as PageSpeed Insights to ensure your website’s speed is competitive.

2. Staying up to date with your keywords

All too often, companies create amazing new websites that rank well in search engines but then aren’t updated for a matter of years! As SEO rankings constantly change, it’s important to ensure you regularly update the keywords in your website’s headings and text. This will keep your website competitive. Many companies focus all their SEO efforts on their blog and ignore the website. As a result, they miss out on massive opportunities to increase organic traffic and drive engagement.

3. Focus on increasing targeted traffic

Targeted traffic generates higher ROI than non-targeted traffic. However, many digital marketing campaigns focus too much on driving overall traffic rather than specifically focusing on increasing the percentage of traffic from target audiences. If you’re looking to meaningfully increase traffic and drive engagement through your website, you should ensure you appeal to your specific target audience. Do this by implementing and making use of market research. What are your current target audiences’ interests? What are your competitors offering that you are not? What sets you apart from your competitors? Acting on these initiatives by actively researching and engaging in the marketing will increase the percentage of targeted traffic that visits your website, driving ROI in the long run.

Optimizing your website to increase traffic and drive engagement is a huge part of any successful digital marketing strategy. However, it’s one that’s often overlooked. By taking into account the three points discussed in this blog, you can optimize your website, making it more visible, relevant, and user-friendly for visitors. This will ultimately deliver better results in the long run. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to take care of all your digital marketing needs in the healthcare industry, look no further than Curis Digital. Our team of experienced marketing professionals knows how to optimize your website to make it work for you.