October 14, 2022

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Professionals: Improve Your Visibility Online through SEO

It seems you cannot click on an internet page without seeing something about social media and SEO writing. As a company striving to stay ahead of the changes in online marketing, Curis Digital is intimately aware of the importance of honing social media and SEO practices for healthcare professionals, specifically in terms of digital marketing. So what are the keys to success and how can you improve your visibility online through SEO?

1) Consistency

Maintaining your branding across all platforms is important in your online communications. As you create organic traffic, your customers see the same message about your culture, vision, and values. You don’t want to send mixed signals. Using impactful logos helps with this process, as it’s your page’s first letter of introduction. Logos separate your company from your competitors and grab potential clients’ attention. 

Consider the psychology of color and readable fonts in creating a logo. It should not be cluttered. You want recognition at one glance. In healthcare, there are a lot of overused symbols, like the red cross. Make your services or goods stand out by keeping them unique and meaningful.

2) Target Audience

Speaking of clients, there is no substitute for having a strong sense of your customer. What age range are you honing in on; what’s your audience? How can you present your product or services to that audience in a relevant and actionable manner?

Website design and management play a key role here. Curis Digital takes your prospectus and turns it into a visual story. Each informational piece published on your site will be sharable to spread awareness without spending extra money.

3) Don’t Over-Saturate the Market & Choose Wisely

More is not always better. Strive for quality placement on high-traffic Social Media sites like TikTok over excessive quantity. TikTok is ideal for the 18-24 year old demographic. Instagram gets clicks from the 17-21 crowd, while Facebook appeals to people between the ages of 32-38. Instagram has fairly solid numbers across all age groups. 

Of course, age isn’t the only focal point, but it’s a great place to start narrowing down your options. For example, if you have a family practice, you might want to look to places like Facebook and Instagram, where people old enough to have children visit.

Context matters. Don’t run your ads or articles on websites with no real tie or relation to your product.

4) Keys to the Kingdom

Search engines seek out websites whose keywords match that of the person looking for information. To say having keywords is essential to marketing for healthcare professionals is an understatement. SEMRush has the largest database of keywords. This is an example of the tools we utilize daily at Curis. We watch the search engines carefully in case they change their parameters (which, in turn, changes the best keywords, article lengths, and reliable sourcing).

One thing in keyword use never changes, location, location, location. Most people looking for medical assistance will want a local group. 

5) Hire a Professional

By now, you’ve recognized that improving visibility through SEO is a complex matter in the healthcare industry, including digital marketing for medspa and wellness. Healthcare professionals have their hands full, so hiring a professional like Curis Digital makes sense.

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