May 15, 2023

How to Fit AI into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gotten a lot of attention lately. For example, in April, an AI-generated track featuring simulated voices of Drake and The Weekend took social media by storm. More recently, AI has figured into the Hollywood writer strike underway at the writing of this article. AI programs are learning fast, and we need to be even faster in learning how to incorporate them into our strategies – not because they’ll take us over, of course. AI is a powerful tool that can revolutionize how we work. So, let’s look at some Dos and Don’ts for incorporating AI into your digital marketing strategy. 

Content Creation

AI can be a powerful tool in a digital creator’s arsenal – but they have to know the best ways to utilize it. While we’ve seen stunts with actors reading AI-generated scripts (Ryan Reynold’s Mint Mobile commercial comes to mind, for example), AI isn’t going to actually replace writers any time soon – nor should it. However, AI can help in the creation process by helping writers come up with ideas, perform research, and manage keyword integration and formatting. 

Key Takeaway

Do: use AI programs to help spur and support the creative process

Don’t: rely on AI to be the creative or primary researcher – always have a human review for relevance and accuracy

AI Chatbots

We’ve talked about AI chatbots before and find them to be valuable tools for engaging with website visitors. From a digital marketing perspective, you want your AI Chatbot to direct people who come to your website to engage in a way that brings them solidly into your marketing funnel. The AI Chatbot, however, isn’t the same as customer service. It should be an initial point of contact, not the only contact a person has available to them. That doesn’t mean you have to have live agents manning your website, but it does mean that you should have alternative ways for people to reach out to you (phone, email, social media messaging). 

How to Fit AI into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Key Takeaway

Do: Have a chatbot trained to assist visitors with the key marketing functions of your website.

Don’t: Become over-reliant on the chatbot for customer service. People still get annoyed if they talk to a robot for too long.


Computers shine when it comes to collecting and analyzing data. The learning algorithms that power AI make it a perfect tool for collecting and analyzing marketing campaign data. AI can help you to monitor competitors, social media, and campaign performance at the same time. It can also take that information and rank data to help you determine strengths and weaknesses as you plan your next campaign. However, it isn’t perfect. The same limitations that AI has for content generation affect it here as well. Data analysis is, after all, one of the results of research. A human needs to be involved in the process to ensure the accuracy and relevance of data. 

How to Fit AI into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Key Takeaways

Do: Use AI as a tool in data analysis to help you collect information, monitor campaigns, and organize information.

Don’t: Make AI the sole arbiter of a campaign’s success or failure, or have it become too central to your data analysis. 

The most important part of utilizing AI is to remember that it’s a tool. It is a powerful tool, able to revolutionize how we work, but it is still a tool, not a replacement for the key people who make up our marketing teams.

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