August 9, 2021

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Print Marketing: Why digital is the way forward

Digital marketing is the new way for businesses to tell their customers how they can help them, and in turn, also sell their products. With online technology developing at an incredible rate, digital marketing is quickly becoming the most integral marketing aspect for modern businesses. In this blog post, we’ll compare digital marketing with traditional marketing methods, showing you how your business can grow.

The numbers don’t lie

When sending direct mail, renting ad space, or paying for billboards were the main methods of delivering information, many customers would actually read this information rather than regarding it as spam. With no cellphones, iPads, or laptops, it was the only way people could learn about new products and services. But, digital platforms changed all that. Nowadays, customers prefer digital marketing formats—and the numbers prove it!

In a survey run by, 70% of respondents said they prefer to learn about new products through digital platforms compared to traditional methods. They also highlight that about 46% percent of all searches on Google are looking for local information and that 72% of customers who search for local businesses end up visiting stores within a 5-mile radius. This shows that the perception of digital marketing being anti-local is false. In fact, localization is a great way for local businesses to boost their visibility in the community.

In contrast, only 39% of customers said they tried a business’s services after receiving a direct mail ad. While this shows that digital marketing does have a more significant impact than traditional methods, 39% is still a significant proportion of customers. This suggests that for most businesses out there, combining digital and traditional marketing techniques is the smartest option.

Modern customers prefer two-way interaction

One of the most effective aspects of digital marketing that simply wasn’t available before the internet age is the two-way interaction it provides. Social media, chat boxes, webinar discussions, and simple email campaigns encourage customers to interact with your business. When customers interact with your business, it not only offers them the chance to find out how suited they are to the product or service you’re offering, it also gives you more insight into their wants and needs. This can help you define and structure future informational campaigns and also help shape how your product or service evolves over time.

Data is king

With so many new digital marketing opportunities out there, it’s no surprise that many companies use data science to track customer ordering and interest patterns in great detail. While traditional marketing techniques did include some basic forms of data tracking, the levels provided by digital marketing platforms simply can’t be matched. This new wealth of information enables marketing teams to pinpoint areas where their strategies have been successful or not. They can then make changes to ensure they have the widest reach possible and provide the best services for their customers.

Digital marketing is the way forward. When compared with traditional marketing, it’s unparalleled in strength. However, certain customer segments are still receptive to more traditional marketing techniques, so it’s still important for many businesses to keep this in mind. If you’re looking to increase the visibility of your business, look no further than Curis Digital. We understand how digital marketing can transform your business, and we’d love the opportunity to show you.