December 8, 2022

Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Even with emerging SEO tools, there are still a lot of SEO mistakes overlooked in-home care marketing. Of course, this means the business doesn’t rank as highly as hoped on search engine pages. Being aware of these problems and resolving them means you’ll pull ahead of competitors.

In our time working with home care providers, our team at Curis Digital has narrowed down some of the things you should look for:

Dead Pages & Broken Links

Dead pages are frustrating for users. They see a topic on your index, but the link goes nowhere, or it’s broken. You can resolve this by regularly checking your pages where links appear. Update them and remove dead ones (don’t forget to remove them from your index.

Driving your Content by Keywords

Yes, it is important in copywriting content to remain mindful of keywords. However, writing in this manner can come out clunky. It doesn’t sound natural; it doesn’t reflect your brand well. Think first of your target audience and their needs, then work out your SEO inserts.

Keeping your keywords in mind as you research is a good idea. Use SEO rank checkers to help you shorten your list to the best options.

Lack of Internal Links

Google searches your pages to see if they’re linked to one another. Your landing page is a good place to start internal linking, but don’t stop there if something on one page relates to the content on another, put in a link.

No Meta Description

Having no meta description or a poorly written one can defeat marketing efforts. Those descriptions are important not only for search engines but also for your potential customers.

Slow Load Times

Consumers are more likely to click off your site if it’s taking too long to load. They want nearly instant gratification. Over time, if left uncorrected, it can affect your reputation. Avoid images that are too large. There are several online pieces of software that can reduce your image size, thereby improving load time.

Technical Issues

Search engines have begun ranking a page based on how well all the gears inside work. They want to see a positive end-user experience. This ties into your load time and broken links. While they exist, it hinders your rankings.

Too Much Emphasis on one Keyword.

A keyword does little good if you overuse it, and if the resulting content doesn’t really make sense. It’s not organic. As a rule of thumb for home care pages (or any other), use a keyword no more than 6 times in 2,000 words. Go back, delete some words, and fix the text. Quality vs. quantity.

Look to Curis Digital for Home Care Marketing

A lot of companies don’t have the time or personnel to keep up with the ever-changing face of the internet and SEO constructs. That’s where Curis comes into the picture. We are diligent in our research, analysis, strategies, and resulting recommendations. Contact us any time through our online contact form. Or contact one of our two offices:

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