January 19, 2022

Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media the Right Way

If you are trying to build your personal brand on social media or are searching for different strategies for self-branding, we have 3 techniques to use to assist you in strengthening your personal brand on social media. 

Dig deeper to discover your brand persona

Creating a personal brand on social media means having to share your passion, personality, and expertise in such a way that brings value to others’ lives.

If you do not know where it is that you stand out, and which aspect of your personality or life has added value to offer, you will never succeed at social media. That is why step one must be identifying that area of expertise. Think hard and dig deep; it’ll guide your self-branding for years into the future.

When you discover things about you that it’s possible to build your personal brand around, narrow those things down to a certain niche; it isn’t enough to state that you are a yoga expert or rockstar marketer. You’ll either have to be: an expert on prenatal yoga, aerial yoga, goat yoga, or a rockstar marketer for female solopreneurs.

If you aren’t sure where your expertise lies, try and recall those times when folks ask you for advice; what exactly do they ask? If they have to have some help, help in what, exactly? What are you well-known for? What do you do better than or know more than most people?

Narrow the list down to 1 to 3 areas of expertise then browse them as keywords on social media platforms to measure the type of volume and intrigue around them. 

On Twitter, it’s possible to search as a hashtag and utilize advanced search to filter by audience, location, or language. It’s also possible to use a tool such as RiteTag to check how various hashtags rank on social or type in your keywords into BuzzSumo to check what content on your niche is trending on which platforms.

Speak to your target market in their voice 

Step two is to consider who you are targeting. Ask yourself which type of language they use, what’s the most important to them, as well as how they feel about specific key issues. It’ll help you discover the proper type of topics, tone, and material to connect with them. 

Just ensure that you aren’t just mirroring your target audience, or it’ll come out phony. Mirroring your target audience might go very wrong. It may turn folk’s love into ridicule. Therefore, figure out a way to bring value where your target audience wants it. 

Selecting Your Target Audience

Selecting Your Target Audience

Invest your precious time in certain platforms

If you try and be on all the top channels, you will spread yourself too thin; therefore, be selective. Here’s the most important rule: follow your audience.

Things to consider while selecting which social channel to invest your precious time in:

  • Facebook is among the broadest channels and an excellent personal branding staple; however, Gen Z seems to believe it is old school. If you are aiming at millennials, Facebook isn’t your platform.
  • LinkedIn is a space for building authority. Their Publisher area is perfect for thought leadership articles, and it is possible to collect endorsements, boosting your brand. 
  • Instagram can be your home if you are in a visual niche or like playing around with images and filters. Also, it is fantastic for real estate agent brands.
  • Reddit is the place to be for proud geeks, fantasy lovers, and programmers; however, the sub-reddits are more targeted than you may think. 
  • Twitter is an additional extremely broad platform, perfect for up-to-the-minute news updates
  • Pinterest is a great place to be for those who are into DIY and crafts; however, it is also a great choice for real estate agent branding, life coaches, and marketers.

TikTok is not just for “the younguns” anymore, and an amazing video may go viral more rapidly there than on any other platform.

Personal branding will revolutionize your business

After you have achieved success with personal branding on social and additional branding verticals, you can open up an entirely new world of opportunities to forge partnerships, appeal to customers, and expand your company in the right direction.

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