March 10, 2022

Branding Essentials: Develop Compelling Written & Verbal Messages

In terms of promotion both on and off the internet, Branding is the buzzword coming into the forefront every day. If you’ve never had a “brand” but want to develop one, it’s essential you understand the importance of how you develop compelling written & verbal messages.

At Curis Digital, we recognize there’s a learning curve to growing your brand. Specifically, your written & verbal messaging should express your position in terms your target audience understands.

  1. Devise a specific mission, goal, and promise to your customers that you can keep. If it’s based on current client feedback, all the better.
  2. Consider industry keywords. You know your audience, so you also know their jargon. Keep your branding relevant and on point. Stress your strategies for success. 
  3. Create a memory. You know those gingles you can’t get out of your head? Those are powerful brand messages. As soon as it comes into your thoughts, you automatically associate the “tag line” with a company, person, group, or cause. 

In short, when considering Branding Essentials, having compelling messaging matters greatly. 

Brand Messaging: A Closer Look

At Curis Digital, when we work with you on branding one key is consistency. You want people to remember your logo, the company name, and possibly your name as well. That means presenting your message consistently across all forms of potential outreach and communication including:

  • Blogs
  • Packaging (product delivery)
  • Slogans
  • Taglines
  • Social Media
  • Websites

Also, employees and partners need to follow the devised framework religiously. Repetition builds memory recognition in potential buyers and clients. 

Develop Compelling Written Messaging

Content Creator Developing Compelling Written Messaging

The Importance of Brand Content: Verbal & Written

Take yourself out of business mode for a second. Surf through some ads on the internet. Which ones stand out to you, and why? When a brand’s message is on-point it does a lot of work for you. 

Benefits of Branding

Clarity and consistency drive superior branding, which is what Curis Digital strives for with every client. Our core services include:

Home Care Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing

Medical Spas Aesthetic Marketing

Yet the principles of productive brand content and its benefits do not change. You will discover productivity improves because everyone understands the guidelines. It may take a little time practicing, but eventually, your brand becomes part of your corporate culture. 

Congruity in branding means not only do your departments and employees have a clear vision of your goals, voice, and values but outside supports like freelancers can utilize it in their work for better results.

Finally, effective brand messaging improves profits. You have a story (a hook, if you will). The potential customer sees the story repeatedly, and it never waivers, building a sense of reliability and confidence. In turn, this leads to improved conversions. 

Getting Help

Having experienced professionals help create and regulate your website leaves you free to focus on what you want to say and how you want to say it. We have two offices:

Huntingdon Valley, PA: 215-396-3307

Boca Raton, FL: 561-464-6689

We have staff who will happily answer any questions you have about branding or other online efforts. You can also use our online form.