December 15, 2020

Adapting Your Digital Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic in 5 Simple Steps

The pandemic has thrown the world into chaos, and although a vaccine could soon be on the way, there is still some way to go before we get back to normal. If you’re running a healthcare practice, you should seriously think about adapting your marketing strategy to meet the changes in demand and activity by customers. If you haven’t done so already, here are 5 simple steps to adapting your digital marketing strategy to life during the pandemic.

Digitize your marketing efforts

The pandemic has meant many people have started to use digital features more than ever before. As a result, digital marketing has surpassed more traditional forms of marketing in its effectiveness due to this increased customer reach. It’s time for you to take advantage of this shift—increase your digital marketing efforts now and you’ll see more customers sticking around after the pandemic.

Provide empathy in an online space

Healthcare providers are used to being empathetic with their customers. However, with fewer customers willing to visit healthcare practices in person, it’s vital that your online channels also exhibit this level of empathy. Reworking your website copy to reflect your understanding of the difficulties and anxieties people have regarding COVID-19 is a good start. This tactic will enable you to create trust with customers that you usually do in a face-to-face scenario.

Increase your focus on social media marketing

The global pandemic has seen an uptick in social media usage, making it an optimal platform to generate new customers and for keeping existing customers engaged with what’s happening at your practice. Make sure to share and publish relevant material and information that will keep your customers well informed during this difficult time. 

Highlight the relevance of your services during the pandemic

Healthcare is relevant whether or not there is a global pandemic happening. But, the healthcare services have been under more pressure and scrutiny than ever before—so why not turn this around to your advantage? You should highlight the necessity for people to continue with their regular health checks, dental examinations, or treatments despite the pandemic. This will not only ensure they keep healthy but also reduce the burden on the healthcare services in hospitals that are dealing with COVID-19 patients.

Adapt your SEO to current trends

One thing that the pandemic has certainly changed is people’s searching habits. Terms that were popular before the pandemic have now changed, especially in the field of healthcare. Make sure you update your SEO keywords to reflect this change in search habits. For example, customers may be looking into whether it’s still safe to visit the doctor’s office, what health conditions may be high-risk with COVID-19, or whether there are specific precautions they should take when visiting healthcare practices. Terms related to these searches should be incorporated into your content strategy to drive traffic to your website.

The pandemic has had an impact on everyone around the world, but it has also presented new opportunities. For healthcare businesses, the opportunity to act as a source of information during this difficult time is also an opportunity to build trust with potential new customers. If you’re looking for more information on digital marketing ideas during the pandemic, contact us here at Curis Digital. Our team of digital marketing experts will help your business thrive during this otherwise difficult time.