December 28, 2021

Boost Your Video Engagement on Social Media

Have you been posting videos to your social media with little or no response?  If so, don’t panic. There are several easy ways to boost your social media views to better engage your target audience and move them through the sales funnel. Here’s how to do it.

Optimize the Thumbnail for the Initial Frame to Boost Your Video Engagement

It is a mistake to waste a single second of your followers’ time. Most people won’t sit through more than 30 seconds of a video without clicking advance or moving on to the next digression on the web. Get right to what matters in the initial seconds of your video. 

Above all, emphasize the thumbnail. Overlook the thumbnail on a video you post to Facebook and the initial frame will be displayed as a preview until the user clicks it or it auto-plays. Upload a customized thumbnail that entices viewers to watch the video and you’ll maximize user engagement with your video content.

Man editing a video

Boost Your Video Engagement on Social Media

Optimize Video Length for Social Media

Social media users are unlikely to invest more than half a minute in a video. Keep your video to 45 seconds or less and it will stand a much better chance of making the intended impact. 

Add Text Overlays and Captions

The majority of people visiting social media pages are using mobile devices. The videos you add to your social media pages should communicate the intended message without audio. Implement text overlays along with captions and you’ll get the message across to those who don’t want to listen to audio.

Provide Meaningful Video Content to Increase Your Video Engagement

The best social media videos center on a single point. Be brief and focused on the content, providing a coherent and cogent message. Ideally, the video content can be summed up with a single phrase.

Reveal Yourself

Instead of merely providing a voiceover for your video, put your face on camera. Reveal your face in your social media videos and it will encourage viewers to watch through to the end, listen closely, and share the video with friends.

Consider Promoting the Video

Though promoting a video will cost money, it might provide a meaningful return on your investment. Promote the video on YouTube, Twitter, or another social media platform and you’ll maximize the number of potential views.

Embrace the Native Uploads Strategy

In the context of the internet, native means uploading videos to individual social media networks as opposed to one and sharing that video through links. Native uploads have a competitive advantage over other news feed content, generating a higher share rate than those shared through links.

Optimize the Copy

Think carefully about the best way to use the maximum number of characters available to describe your video. Strategically communicate your description, add hashtags, and the video will generate that many more clicks. 

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