February 28, 2021

5 Digital Marketing Trends for Healthcare Providers to Look Out for in 2021

Digital marketing is a large part of every modern business, no matter the industry. With healthcare practices having gone through an exceptional year in 2020, what does 2021 have in store? Here at Curis Digital, we’re going to look ahead at 5 digital marketing trends for the healthcare industry that you can expect to see in 2021!

An increase social media presence

Social media has become an important marketing tool for modern businesses but, healthcare services aren’t typically seen in social media ad space. This is all set to change! 

Advertisements through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are more effective than ever before, and it’s about time healthcare providers took full notice of this. By placing targeted ads on these platforms, healthcare providers can directly appeal to their target demographic. This will drive engagement and lead to more new patients and existing patients walking through the doors.

Video content will offer new channels of engagement

Video content is an effective form of marketing content that has been proven to significantly drive engagement when done well. Doctors can offer insight into their work, offering health tips and other useful information through video blogs. In a world where anyone and everyone can post false health information, the internet is crying out for actual qualified healthcare professionals to offer truthful and informative advice.

Localized SEO will become a significant factor

Optimizing your content for search engines is a great tactic—it drives traffic to your site and ultimately brings in more patients. But, what about people that are searching for a healthcare provider in their own town or city? It doesn’t do them much good if they’re directed to your website if they live 300 miles away!

As people become more reliant on search engines to find credible healthcare professionals nearby, you will need to optimize your content for local markets. This will allow you to capture local traffic that is so beneficial for converting website visits into new patient registrants in the local area!

Telemedicine is here to stay

The pandemic has catalyzed the rise in remote healthcare consultations. This new way of talking with your doctor—whether by Zoom or other online video conferencing services—has been a revelation for patients. Many patients would rather take a short 20-minute call out of their working day than visit a doctor’s practice, potentially taking an hour or more out of their workday. Healthcare practices that want to stay successful in 2021 and beyond will need to offer patients the choice to use remote consultation services from now on!

The pandemic has not gone away

Despite all of our best efforts, the pandemic is still in force across the nation. While it looks to be slowly subsiding, healthcare practices will still need to take this into account when putting together their marketing strategy for the upcoming year. Publishing information and content on how to be safe and remain safe during this time is a good way to build lasting trust in your brand.


2021 has the potential to be a real breakthrough year for the healthcare industry. As the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, there will be new trends in healthcare. Find out more from experts in digital marketing for healthcare practices by checking out blog articles from Curis Digital. Or find out more about how our work can help your business in the upcoming year!