July 19, 2022

Tips to Monopolize TikTok: The World’s Most Prominent Platform

Online marketing is the cornerstone to giving your company a solid following that supports your brand. Currently, TikTok is the most prominent platform in social media for short-form videos. Estimates say some 500 people use it throughout the world. If you have a target audience of people between 16-24, you need to be on this app. 41% of TikTok’s base is within that age group. It is a perfect money-making generator. But like anything else in marketing, there are some best practices for dominating this venue. Here are some expert tips to monopolize TikTok.

Tips to Monopolize TikTok:

Influencers Creating a TikTok

Tips to Monopolize TikTok

TikTok is not a one-trick pony, so to speak. It offers various advertising options that help you target your audience. Curis Digital’s due-diligence research has confirmed that following these tips will improve your chances of getting the cutting-edge exposure you want. 

  • Make vertical videos a priority. Follow TikToc’s recommended ad specifications as your ad may be rejected otherwise.
  • Keep it simple. The most successful videos are between 9-15 seconds long. Eliminate fluff wording.
  • Have strong visuals. Your content needs to catch users’ eyes, or they’ll swipe to the next post. 
  • Include a compelling call to action as well as your brand name.
  • Embrace background music.
  • Remember to include informational captions. Keep them concise.

TikTok Options

Optimization is the key to success on any platform. You have to think about where your ad will appear, its composition, resolution, and duration, just to name a few. 

TikTok offers ad placements in-feed, in news feed series, and in Vigo and Helo apps in-feed. In-feed ads must include video, a display image, brand name, and ad description as components.  The in-feed ad appears in the user’s app feed. 

News feed series ads appear in apps such as Buzz and NewsRepublic. Vego and Helo are indigenous apps with specific vernacular, demographic, and cultural influences. 

Budgeting for TikTok Ads

TikTok ads represent an investment. The question we consider at Curis Digital is whether or not it is the appropriate one for your company. The age range discussed previously is a huge factor. If your brand focuses on people over 25, TikTok may not be the place for you. 

To launch an ad campaign is $500, and each ad costs $10 per CPM. In-feed ads require $6,000 in advance. Sponsored hashtags cost $150,000 weekly! Ouch!

Woman Using TikTok App

A Successful Campaign

If you are ready to launch into TikTok there are some simple things you can do to support the desired outcome. Perhaps the most important one is really getting to know TikTok. Surf around. See who and what is popular. Listen for background music. Look at colors and visuals. Give yourself two weeks to immerse yourself, then move forward. 

Next, as you work on your campaign think about the story you’re telling. If the sound were off on your ad, what message would the viewer get? Text is a very effective helpmate here. And keep it real. 

Third, be prepared to invest time. You should post once daily. If you can post more than that, all the better.  Pay attention to trends. What strategies are working? Build on that. 

Let Curis Digital Help

There are a lot of technicalities to using ads and videos to promoting your brand on TikTok. That’s where professionals come into play. We stay on top of what’s happening in the social medial industry. We will review your material and make recommendations. Curis also offers videography. We have two offices you can contact for further information:

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Let us help you reach the next level in your company’s social presence.