November 15, 2022

What is the Main Role of Google Analytics in Advertising?

Learning how to interact with search engines is vital to the online success of any endeavor. But once you get everything set up, how do you know your SEO efforts are working?

The main role of Google Analytics in advertising is to give you the “big picture”, especially for marketing campaigns. This platform creates reports from the data collected on your website. There are two steps to starting with Google Analytics.

First: Make a Google Analytics account.

Second: Add the JavaScript code provided to every page on your site.

Main Role of Google Analytics in Advertising

Every time someone comes to your webpage, the code gathers information about how the user interacted with the page (or pages) they visited. More importantly, you can see which pages are the most popular, helping track sell-through. Wanna know how people are being directed to your site? Google Analytics does that too.

At Curis Digital, our website design and development team can build this directly into your finished product. We can utilize the information gathered to “tweak” each page, filling it with actionable language that represents your brand clearly.

Tip: Make sure to set up your Analytics configuration with everything you think you may want to analyze, even if it’s not something you need now. Once Analytics processes your data, it cannot be altered. 

Google Analytics in Marketing

When you think about a marketing campaign, Google Analytics is a great partner. As you use it, you come to know your target audience’s behavior better. In turn, from that awareness, you create stronger strategies. If it’s working, don’t fix it. If it’s not, Analytics helps you figure out why. Perhaps your content isn’t engaging enough for long sessions, or your posting times are not the most favorable, for example. Obviously, the goal is to retain current clients and generate new ones. You also want to remain aware of conversion rates (i.e., the people who do what you hoped, like being added to your mailing list).

Applying Data

As you can see, Google Analytics has many layers of data retrieval. From there it’s time to use the data received. Fishing through to find specific focal points isn’t easy. Many people in management have little time for such efforts, let alone keeping up with the never-ending changes in SEO and the internet as a whole.

That’s where a company like Curis Digital becomes essential. We specialize in digital marketing search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation management, and much more. 

Google Analytics Data

Our due-diligence research, findings, and summary discussions lead to solid marketing recommendations. The next step-implementation! This process doesn’t just happen in one day. It’s ongoing so we always have the most up-to-date statistics possible.

If you’d like to learn more about Google Analytics, and how our trained professionals at Curis Digital can help you rein in your marketing so it runs smoothly, we’re happy to help. You can use our only contact form HERE to detail your questions. 

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