April 14, 2022

How to Improve your Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

The whole idea behind Public Relations (PR) is to connect with your target audience. You want to build and maintain a professional, positive public image for your business. Effective and engaging communication is the cornerstone of PR, and the highly trained professionals at Curis Digital utilize every available tool in our kit to initiate those all-important conversations. Learn more about how to improve your Public Relations Strategies and Tactics!

Successful PR is essential, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You’re fighting with the “big guys” so you need to be creative. Making your company’s reputation shine is far harder than just having a nice review on your website. The huge bonus PR offers is that it isn’t as expensive as formal advertising. 

Essentials in Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

Before starting on PR methodologies, it’s good to know the difference between a PR platform and marketing. Marketing focuses on specific products or services with the goal of increased sales. Public relations is designed to protect and perpetuate your reputation, including brand integrity.

Having an Angle

The best PR plans target customers, the public, and the media. Messaging across the board requires consistency in language, focus, and goals. 


PR doesn’t have as much control over content as advertising does. That is why it is important that you design your content to be tidy, pointed, and ready to use. In other words, try to write press releases that external users (like newspapers) see no need to change.  

One of the cornerstones of PR is sharing the right information, at the right time, to the right people or groups. Compelling content uses well-chosen words (no fluff) that evoke an emotion or a person’s curiosity. Relevancy is key.


Which are you inclined to believe more, an ad or a news piece? Most people, trust the news for information more than an advertising campaign. The public has become jaded by big promises that don’t deliver. So one approach to clever PR is creating editorials or features. 

Woman Speaking at a Press Conference

Woman Speaking at a Press Conference

Knowledge and Organization

When working on a PR campaign, Curis Digital does due-diligence research, followed by pointed strategizing. You want to know your audience, but the venue of your audience may change the way PR is presented. Social media or media releases are far different from event PR, for example. 

Once there’s a vision, it’s time to set up a calendar for presenting your PR on a schedule. You’ll need a list of trendsetters, personalities, media contacts, and other companies with whom you could collaborate for success. 

TIP: Always keep it fresh and interesting. When people start feeling like they’ve heard it all before, you lose their attention. 


Even if you’re a sole owner, you will need a dedicated team of people for beneficial PR with different ways of getting your message across. At Curis, for example, we offer videography and graphics design, coupling impactful imagery with your words. 

The Takeaway

Consumers want trustworthy brands, meaning how the public sees your company drives your failure or success. Think of every PR opportunity as a way of building lasting relationships. If you’d like help, we at Curis Digital are always on top of the ever-changing face of PR. You can use our online contact form or call one of our two offices:

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