August 16, 2022

Health Care Marketing Agency in Boca Raton Discuss: 8 Effective Branding Tips

A healthcare marketing agency in Boca Raton, like Curis Digital, has to keep up with the ever-changing face of marketing. Regulations change; what consumers want to see changes. As a result, we have to look through all the latest strategies so we can pass the most successful ones on to our clients; Here are a few effective branding tips to consider.

8 Effective Branding Tips for Health Care Marketing:

1. Apps: 

You cannot proverbially turn a page over on the internet without seeing something about apps. They’re everywhere. Among the most effective apps are tied to text messaging. You can create a patient portal in your app to get your message out to patients quickly and easily, and they’re likely to actually read it! 

When it comes to a person’s health they want to be in the know about medications and other issues that affect them personally like an immunization schedule. As you provide that service, it helps build trust and your overall reputation.

Patient Using Health Care App

2. Digital Signage

Digital signage displays content that’s informational or advertisements (or both). You can see examples at the airport (where’s your gate?) the bus stations, movie ticket kiosks, and much more. The applications are as wide as your imagination, and it is one other tool you can use in your branding kit.

At first, you might wonder why you should expand into digital signage. The answer is growth potential. By 2024, it’s estimated the market for digital signage will increase by nearly 10 billion. Initially, digital signage was only passive. Recently it has become interactive. For example, you can sit at a restaurant, look at the electronic screen, get updates on specials, etc. The functionality for healthcare is just as pointed. Have a screen in waiting rooms where they can read about new procedures, the latest flu data, and so much more. So start thinking about an Instagram gallery or a tweet wall. No matter how you utilize it, digital signage adapts, and it can illustrate not only your branding but your values and corporate culture.

3. Influencers

Various people have made an impact on social media for their focus on specific products and services. Their audience already trusts them. Influencers can get one or more hashtags trending to a large target audience.

4. Lead Buckets:

By using a lead bucket you encourage clients to get involved without them being buried in useless emails. Set up a workshop on a hot medical topic, and offer free attendance (send out those invites). Or, perhaps offer a free consultation. Let the client come to you!

5. Keep Employees Connected

It is easy for any company to lose sight of employee satisfaction. The reality is that when you appreciate your team and advocate for your employees, they will in turn become your best word-of-mouth advertising, taking your brand wherever they go free of charge.

Keep Employees Connected

6. The Subtext

There are hundreds of conditions affecting people. Sometimes they feel alone and lost, without support. By creating personalized marketing focused on specific groups, you become inclusive. For example, you could have a survey of symptoms, followed by information on managing the symptoms, illustrating the importance of professional care. 

7. Utilize Social Media

Just under half of the potential clients choose their provider based on their social media presence and reputation. You must remember to keep your branding contiguous across all your channels to get the most out of this approach.

8. Sustain your Connections with your Patients

The relationship you build with a patient can become a letter of introduction. People who come to you regularly trust your professionalism and training. Similar to happy employees, happy patients will network with their friends, families, co-workers, and associates about your offerings because you keep them informed.

Why Curis Digital?

As a healthcare marketing agency in Boca Raton, FL, our company has focused heavily on methods best suited to building a brand and sustaining it.  If you’d like to know more you can call us at 561-464-6689, or use our online contact form.