February 15, 2022

10 Ways to Get More Traffic by Link Building

When you’re reading about successful websites, you’ll inevitably come across notes about link building. At Curis Digital, link building is one of the primary practices we utilize to increase your Google presence. Google looks to see how many other websites are linking back to yours. Continue reading for ways to get more traffic by link building.

The more links you have, the more your website’s rating grows organically in search results. In our opinion, link-building strategies are crucial to increasing profits and your marketing success. Just be patient. Link building takes time, but eventually, you won’t have to ask for links. The figurative snowball grows on its own. 

Our key areas of expertise are:

Nonetheless, the foundational principles of getting more traffic by link building remain the same. 

Marketing Team Working on Link Building

Marketing Team Working on Link Building

Linking Put into Perspective

Think of linking like the references you put on your resume. Those people are saying they trust you and your skills. Building solid links improve your web credibility—the more authoritative the site, the more significant the impact of the recommendation. 

10 Ways to Get More Traffic by Link Creation

1) Quality Content: Links are only one part of traffic building. Even the best links will do little good if you don’t have evergreen, unique content. Quality is more important than quantity. There are approximately 4 million blog posts that reach search engines daily. Find your niche, keep your content relevant, and then get busy promoting. 

Remember to think about ease of navigation as you discuss the setup of your site. No one wants to page down a dozen times to find what they want. At Curis Digital, content is King in website design and development. Our goal is to create beautiful, engaging, and fully optimized sites that attract links naturally.

Your reputation and brand blossom by using link-worthy content (it keeps people returning for more). Examples include

  • Controversial “talk” topics
  • How-tos (and self-help)
  • Image gallery
  • Infographics
  • Lists (like Top Ten)
  • Statistics
  • Quizzes

2) Look to Influencers: Begin interacting with influencers in your niche. Let them get to know you and your work. Many readers naturally share a link on social media but having an influencer do so provides more significant potential. The professionals at Curtis Digital can provide you with effective reputation management guidelines, so an influencer not only takes notice but wants to link to your site. 

Influencer Marketing a Product

Influencer Marketing a Product


3) Who’s Already Talking About you? If you’ve been mentioned somewhere, contact the site owner and ask about a link. This is like a welcome mat. There are many occasions when people write about a product or person, but forget linking. Don’t overlook the potential here. If you do this, it helps to have a program like Mention that does a lot of the leg work for you rather than fruitless searches on your own. 

4) Be consistent: As our Curis developers work on your site, we make sure your contact information appears in the same format and font EVERYWHERE. Use this format on your social media with a backlink to your page. This includes any business listings you have with Yelp, Google, Bing, etc., as well as professional organization profiles. 

5) Follower Facilitation: When people follow you, it’s for a good reason. So, as you post new materials, remind them to share them with like-minded folk who would be interested. That share can network outward to unexpected and beneficial places, which again may backlink to your site and increase traffic. 

6) Community Participation: You’d be surprised at how many links and views you can produce by becoming part of a charity event, creating community-centered videos, writing an op-ed, doing a podcast, or appearing in an interview. In all these cases, you have not simply the physical presence and print materials but also the chance to utilize email.

7) Guest Bloggers: If you have a solid network, reach out to people you respect and ask if they’d like to post a blog on your site. They, in turn, advertise the blog with links, driving traffic your way. The content must, however, maintain high standards for quality. 

8) Offer a Blog: Turn about is fair play. In this case, reach out to a site (or sites) with whom you already have a good rapport. Ask if they’d like you to contribute some time. If the answer is yes, you generate traffic for them, and they link back to you, too!

9) Help fix Broken Links: Have you ever researched and found links that don’t work? If so, you are but one of the hundreds if not thousands of people who experienced the same frustration. If the link happens to be in your area of expertise, you can professionally reach out to the host and share the correct information (including your own). You offer the host ways of improving the online experience for their followers and happen to benefit from the resulting traffic. 

10) SEO Management: If people cant’ find your site, they can’t link to it either. You want to keep those search engines churning in your favor.

Curis Digital has the expertise and experience to help you in all aspects of link building and much more. We have offices in Pennsylvania and Florida. Give our experienced professionals a call with any questions you may have.!

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